Posted by: Shaul A | Thursday, October 11, 2007

It´s the end of the world

One month and two days later, almost 700 kilometers later, one rainy day and lots of sunny ones later, and here we are, at the end of the Camino, at the end of the world – Finisterre!

The last 4 days, after we left Santiago, were completely amazing. Suddenly there were only few people and not masses of pilgrims, and we could walk quietly, enjoying the beautiful scenery. We went through tiny villages, crossed peaceful rivers and met a lot of dogs. The atmosphere was great – very calm and relax, and it was a good time for us to lay back and think about the long way that we walked.

Today, around noon, we reached the ocean. We passed through the village of Finisterre and climbed to the point from which one cannot go any further. We got to the famous lighthouse which stands at the edge of a cliff, right above the water. According to the tradition, every one of us burnt something of his own, something that symbolizes the will to leave behind the bad things and to begin a new path. Then we had a nice little picnic, sang a few songs, and ran like crazy pilgrims right into the freezing ocean.

That was the end of our Camino. In behalf of the VAAD we wish to thank you for participating in our experiences and for commenting (especially Ahava…). Tomorrow, finally, we stop walking. We´ll take a bus back to Santiago, spend a few days in Barcelona, and from there – straight back to normal life. And as the (crazy) falks around here often say – the end of this Camino is the beginning of the real Camino.



A parish church along the way from Santiago


Walking on the roof of the world, next to this holy tree…


A waterfall


Reaching the lighthouse at the end of the Camino


The 0.0 kilometer stone at the end of the way – a small proof for getting there


A shoe at the end of the world


Burning our personal belongings (mom – don´t worry, we didn´t burn anything important)


Us, at the end of the world




Almost naked in the ocean


We made it!


Farewell from Team Camino 2007…


  1. Yeeeeaa!!

    you’ve maid it :) you deserve it!

    had fun walking around with you and, well, err, miss you :)

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