Posted by: Shaul A | Sunday, October 7, 2007

Welcome to Santiago

700 kilometers have passed so briefly, and here we are, at the final point of the main part of our journey – Santiago de Compostela! After 24 days of walking, climbing mountains and hills, crossing rivers and clouds, walking through rain and enjoying the sun, we are finally here. On the last kilometers we marched with hundreds of other pilgrims from all over Europe and entered the old city of Santiago through the Porta de Camino. We walked through the narrow alleys and all of a sudden found ourselves in the heart of the giant plaza in front of the main cathedral of the city.

After we found a place to sleep (we rented an apartment in the middle of the city just for us) and had a decent meal, we participated in the main ceremony for pilgrims in the cathedral and had tons of fun. In the evening we went bar hopping, celebrating our success with other pilgrims and enjoying the great tapas and the excellent local beer.

This morning Yonatan even spoke with Yael Dan on Galei Tzahal and told the entire state of Israel about our trip. Yay! You can even click on this link, and listen to the whole 8 minute interview.

But why should we bore you with such minor details when the real story is our next 4 days, in which we will continue walking to our real final destination – the all mighty ocean.


  1. קפוץ מעל איזה כריש כשתגיע לים..

  2. you are a surprise, as usuall :)

    give my LOVE to the ocean, please.

  3. בהצלחה בדרך לאוקיאנוס!

    לכל מי שפספס את יונתן בגלי צה”ל.
    חפשו בכתובת מטה את התוכנית של יעל דן מתאריך 7/10/07
    אפשר לדלג לסוף התוכנית.
    יונתן הוא האייטם האחרון לפני שיר של רמי קלינשטיין

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