Posted by: Shaul A | Friday, October 5, 2007

Almost there

Ok, this is it. Believe it or not, but tomorrow, after more than 700 kilometers, we are reaching Santiago.

We are really thrilled, and probably will take tomorrow step by step, just to enjoy the last few meters. If you are wondering why aren´t we coming back home after that, well this is because we are continuing afterwards right to the ocean (100 kilometers more).

When we are in Santiago, we will participate in the main pilgrim mass in the main cathedral, and afterwards we will upload some photos from the last steps.

Can´t wait till then…  


  1. you win my aplause fairly :)

  2. Hello from Tel Aviv!
    We are finally all here, and you can now call us cool. We also managed to get everything to work, and now we have internet and can read and comment more… too bad you trip is winding down. Sure you don’t want to walk another 100 Km??

  3. hip hip.. (hooray)
    i am very proud to know you – being the only man i know that went through this thing called “walling for a long time just to get to some where crusade trip”… :) and did it of course.
    im glad to hear that you are walling 100 km more just for fun.
    (Oren says: nobody fucks with the Jesus !!)
    love Keren ani.

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