Posted by: Shaul A | Monday, October 1, 2007

Rain drops are falling on our heads

The last few days have been the best days we had on the Camino so far, for a couple of reasons. First, we met Jenny (the Irish girl) again, and we´re traveling together and it´s wonderful. Second, the views in this area are just great. We had 2 difficult but very rewarding climbs, each to an altitude of 1400-1500 meters, but each climb was very different.

The second climb was to a tiny village called O Cebreiro, which is exactly on the very spot where the Camino enters the province of Galicia, which is known to be the most rainy one in Spain. Well, it´s not a lie – it is rainy. On this same day we got rain on our head for the very first time. The whole thing was quite fun. We put on our rain gear, which was really funny because it´s not worth anything, and went uphill. The secnery was excellent, because we were walking inside a cloud.

Today the skies cleared up, and we could see the amazing Irish-like area that we´re walking through. It´s just amazing. We pass through villages so small they hardly have a name, and everybody here speak a funny language which is not Spanish but rather Galician (it´s similar to Portugese). We arrived to a city called Sarria this afternoon, which leaves us only 120 kilometers to Santiago. We´ll probably be there this Saturday.

And now, we´ll let the photos speak for themselves…


getting ready for a rainy morning, with Jenny (the Irish girl that we met once again after we seperated from her a week ago) and with the Korean family that we like so much


The morning view from the top of the mountain


And now without the cloud


Here comes the rain



The (wet but happy) village people – don´t you ever buy cheap rain gear


Hiding from the rain inside a local pub


You won´t believe it, but this is how Swedish girls look like in the rain


Watching a Real Madrid football match in the local pub in Triacastela (in honor of Ariel. By the way, Real won)


A nice village before Samos this morning


and another one


A spooky cemetery near Samos


Having breakfast near the monestary in Samos


Only 142 km to go!!!


Arriving to Sarria this afternoon


*** without words ***


  1. התאורים והצילומים נותנים לי להרגיש כל פעם מחדש שכאילו אני נמצא איתכם. הלואי
    יונתן, היום קבלנו את הגלויה ששלחת ומאד התרגשנו

  2. איזה כיף לכם!
    נשמע ונראה כמו חוויה מיוחדת מאוד וקסומה.
    מתגעגעים כבר – מאיה, ארנון והמיקמוק הקטן.

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