Posted by: Shaul A | Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Hi-Tech Camino

Ladies and Gentelmen,

After walking almost 400 km (we are currently in a city called Ponferrada, just before entering Galicia), we are more than proud to present you a small collection of bizzare video moments from the road. Enjoy.

This is Terrese, the chica from New-Zealand that we traveled with for the first 2 weeks, demonstrating the most important sentence in Hebrew (if you didn´t understand, she´s saying: ANI ROTZA HAMBURGER)

This is the town hall at Astorga. These little dudes are punching the bell every hour. Years of Joy.

Walking the Camino de Santiago, on a beautiful day, from Astorga to a silly and quite little village by the name of Rabanal de Camino. We think this speaks for itself.

A Korean girl is reading Yonatan Hakatan in Hebrew. This is actually even more funny than it seems at first, because apperantly Yonatan Hakatan is a well know children song in Korea (something about butterflies). It was all found out by accident when we just played the song on the guitar and the Korean girls started singing it in their own language.

A moment of musical acrobatics.

Ok, this is a little bit hard to explain. Let us just say that if you were living in an isolated mountain shelter called Manjarin for 14 years, there´s a chance that you would have ended the same. Or not… The man´s name is Tomas, and he´s been holding this ritual everyday at 11 o´clock since he found out that the Women in Black (from Israel) are meeting in Jerusalem at the same time. The ritual is a strange little thing about world-peace and divine supervision, and lots of mambo jumbo.


  1. אין לי רגע דל…
    למתבונן מהצד זה נראה כאילו רק צחוקים ושיגועים כל היום.
    תמשיכו להנות…
    (רק עוד 18 יום)

  2. Oy amigos, amigos…
    The videos are really cool. Some of them look like ‘Girls Gone Wild’ – the nerd version. You should really learn something from Shmulik Tayar… ;-P
    Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow, First thing on the morning, I have a simulation test. 6 hours of statistics and English essays. And it’s freakin’ Friday. Damn.
    Well, it seems like you’re having lots of fun, walking kilometer after kilometer, harassing Korean after Korean…
    Keep up the good work and we’ll see y’all soon,

  3. Great sikur from the shetach….

    and the 4 hand blues? awsem :)

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