Posted by: Shaul A | Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Beginnings

After 12 days of walking along (and sleeping in the same pilgrim´s hostels) with Teresse (from New Zealand), Jenny (Ireland), Maggie (USA), Matt (Ireland), Grahm (UK), Julia (Australia) and a couple of other pilgrims, it was time to say goodbye.

We reached the city of Burgos the day before yesterday, and had a big feast to celebrate the big split-up. We visited the beautiful cathedral of the city, got completely soaked in the sudden rain, and afterwards sat in a resturant to party (not to mention the Irish pub we went afterwards to see a rugby match between Ireland and France).

The day after we took the bus to Leon (how amazing it is to go through 172 km in just 3 hours…). The landscape changed and became much more flat – endless corn fields untill the horizon. Leon was beautiful, though it was really strange to arrive to a new place by bus and not on the camino, but quickly we met two other Israeli guys and made our way through the old town´s alleys to the hostel (which used to be a monestary in the old days).

Today we marched about 32 km (!) in about 8 hours, which wasn´t that hard at all, just a little bit boring since there were no interesting views or places that the camino went through. At the end of this day we arrived to the picturesque little town of Hospital de Orbigo, and we are staying in a wonderfull hostel.

In the next couple of days the Camino is supposed to be much more interesting, with lots of climbing on mountains, walking through forests, visiting interesting villages and monuments, and not eating any shawarma. This means that our next post will be less boring than this one.

And now for some pics:


A beautiful sunrise while exiting Grañon


The three stooges next to a weird curch in Tosantos


An ancient pilgrims´ hostel on the road


The long and winding (and sometimes endless) road


Someone decided to leave his shoes behind


Addicted to Coca Cola


The place we call home – the pilgrims´ hostel in San Juan de Ortega


All the gang (from left to right – Julia, Maggie, Matt, Jenny, Noam, Shaul, Tereese and Yonatan)


A beautiful sunset on the Camino


  1. גם כשלכם זה נשמע אולי משעמם לנו כאן זה עולם אחר.
    זה נשמע פשוט נפלא.
    אני שמח לשמוע שאף אחד לא חווה התקף אסטמה
    פרמננטלי, שבר באוסובוקו או מתיחות באיזור הגידי.

    דן ואני מתאמנים פה ללא הרף על שינון התצורות הזוכות בפוקר (רגע, צבע זה יותר מרצף?) ונשאב מכם את כל כספכם הדל כשתחזרו.
    תמשיכו לעשות חיים,


  2. one thing I remember well from beeing in this situations, I regain faith in human race and spirit….good people…..

    you look good….thumbs up :)

  3. יונתן, אני הנעליים שלך בצד הדרך… 32 ק”מ זה כמו מפה עד נתניה והיום יום שני אז הייתי הולך איתכם
    …?יהודיה Tereeze דרך אגב

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