Posted by: Shaul A | Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Moving on

It´s really hard to find places you can upload pics, so forgive us that we upload so rarely and so little…


Just before the lovely city of Najera – Water!!!


Celebrating Rosh Hashana with some friends


River in Estella


Drinking red wine from a free fountain on the road


Finally found some real food – Hamburgers (very not kosher)


Casting shadows on a Camino waymark (just before Azofra)


Crazy Christian sign on the road, on our way to spending the night in a church in Grañon


We already walked more than 200 kilometers on the Camino, and the atmosphere is just getting warmer (actually the weather is getting colder, but that´s another story). Good freindships have been made by now, and every night we sit in the local bar, drink beer and red wine (Noam drinks Coca Cola) and sing songs. Last night we got to a village of 350 people and spent the night in an attic of the local church. The people in charge arranged a big (free) dinner for every one, and afterwards held some christian services in the chapel, where we sang Halleluya (in hebrew) like true NAAREI MAKHELA. Funny stuff.

We have just 3 more days left before we get to Burgos, from which we´ll take a bus (!) to Leon and continue our journey from there.

Any Questions?


Team Camino


  1. עם יין וארוחות חינם זה בהחלט נשמע כמו המסע המפרך הכי מפנק שעשיתם עד כה…

  2. מגניב. זה נשמע לי כמו שביל ישראל פוגש את השף העירום.

    אגב, היום הבנתי שעבר עשור מאז סיום ה
    זה אומר שני דברים:
    אנחנו זקנים. אבל לאללה.
    הגיע הזמן לחשוף. למה עדי נעים התקבלה ודן דרורי לא

    המשך מסלול נעים ותמשיכו לבלות! :)

  3. how come ur taking a bus? you don’t cheat? do you?
    guess you don’’ve said nothing about the agony of walking so much so i guess it’s painful in a way. hope this friares knows somthing about soring muscels medicine…I know it’s no one intrest but my single “prince of the sun” is running in radio and tv like crazy. NOOO just kidding…..:-) anyway, mucho fun and health 2 all of U.


  4. hi metukim!!!
    just wanted to say hi and wish a shana tova.
    we are fine. getting a bit bigger…
    I hope you allow yourself some moments of siesta…
    neshikot, orit

  5. Miss ye! See you soon!


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