Posted by: Shaul A | Saturday, September 15, 2007

Time for Fiesta

After 28 km today we´ve reached the lovely city of Lagroño. We found out that there is a festival going on in town (it´s quite a big town – 130,000 people live here) but we´re not sure what´s it all about. The Important thing is that we can drink and eat and watch the spaniards stroll in the streets while completely drunk.

We´ve walked more than 170 km untill now, and it feels great. It´s true that we rub stinky lotions on our knees and heels, but hey – those just minor problems.

On Rosh Hashana evening the people we met during the road threw a party for us, and we ate apples in honey, drank a lot of good wine and played the guitar and explained everybody about the holiday and how to sing hebrew songs. On that night we met an Israeli girl named Shlomit, who knows Yonatan in a bizzare way from back home. We´ve been walking with her (sort of) since than which makes this trip even more… colourfull.
Have a great week everybody. Promise to upload some new pictures soon.




    MISS YOU :)

  2. Why are non of my comments being published????


  3. dont mean to be an ass, but i will be anyway: the city is called logrono, not lagrono. they have a shitty second division team called logrones. people, please, i beg you, go to valladolid and see real madrid next weekend!!!!

  4. why are non of my responses being published?????
    why? why? why?

  5. why non of my responses being published?
    what’s wrong with me?
    why God why?

  6. Why??????????????
    I keep writing great funny responses and noting is being published….
    This site hates me.

  7. Its the website section of the name.
    If it doesn’t work, it shouldn’t exist…

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