Posted by: Shaul A | Monday, September 10, 2007

From France to Spain and Beyond


Believe it or not but we actually started walking. On the first day we took a taxi to the french side of the border, to Saint Jean Pied de Port, which is a lovely tiny village in the slopes of the Pyrenees. We said Buen Camino to each other, said bonjour to a very lovely french girl, and started the long journey to Compostela. One thing that you should know about the mountains – they´re very high. But it felt really good after we´ve reached the peak (1440 m) and crossed the border to Spain, leaving the antipathic french people behind.

What can we tell? The first two days were just great. Lots of people are doing the camino, from all ages nations and races, and it makes the experience really communal and fun. At night we slept in a monestry, which looked as if it was a field hospital of pillgrims, because there were 100 beds, in a huge hall. We drank very good spanish wine, ate some fish, and drank a lot of good old american coke. During the evening we played the guitar – songs in Hebrew, English and even some in Spanish – but it didn´t get us any chicas… Oh well.

One of the more amazing things that we saw during the road was a couple of pillgrims from France – a husband and a wife – which are doing the trip since 2004 in parts. The thing is that the husband is blind, and the wife is holding his hand during the whole time and leading him the way.

And by the way – we are now in a place called Zubiri. We find it quite amusing.

We really hope that we will be able to upload some photos soon, because in the mean time they are blocking the USB ports.

 Catch up again soon…



  1. How wonderful…
    Walking! And playing the guitar! And sleeping in monasteries! Do they know you guys aren’t Christians? Don’t tell them…
    I join the train of good wishes a little late, but that is because I wasn’t in Israel. Now I can be all obsessive and over comment like I am used to…
    Like Yoda would have said: “Of you jealous I am”!

  2. וואו, נשמע נפלא.
    מזכיר לי את הטיול שלנו לאיטליה בו מצאנו גלגולת של ציפור בתוך הגיטרה ושרנו סרנדות לבת השמנמנה של פרנצ’קסה מול אח מבוערת.

    תעשו חיים הרבה!


    נ.ב. – יש שיפור בגזרת המעי הרגיש?

  3. alllright boots…start walking :)

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